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Hurray for the victorious hunger strike of the 300 immigrant workers (March 2011)

The hunger strike of the 300 immigrant workers was completed victoriously since the hunger strikers considered that some of their demands were satisfied: a) a status of tolerance of unlimited duration and examination of each separate case every six months, b) the possibility of a license permitting them to travel to their countries, c) legalization […]

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The immigrant hunger strikers will win! (February 2010)

ALL THE IMMIGRANTS WILL BE LEGALIZED! Hands off the university asylum – the asylum belongs to all the people Last night, the contemptible deans’ council at the University of Athens suspended the asylum and gave the collaborationist government of PASOK (which is strongly supported by New Democracy and LAOS) the opportunity to raid in the […]

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Analysis of the October 2010 national election results

The Recent Elections and PASOK’s Victory did not Solve Any Problem The elections of the 4th October belong to the past and we are all now facing the raw reality. It’ been hardly a month since the elections and the winner has already started to “forget” his pre-election promises, following the formula we have been […]

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Political document of OKDE (August 2010)

1. For the struggles to be organised effectively and the labour movement and OGDE to act properly and win, we have to examine –the best way we can- the general framework (economic, political, social), nationally and internationally, in which these are going to take place.   This is something necessary because this framework affects and partially […]

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The labour struggles in Greece during the first half of 2010

Draft document for a rough summary of the greek situation Economic and political crisis After PASOK came in power, in October 2009, the wretched situation of the Greek capitalism was revealed. The public deficit for 2009 was not 5,5%, but, in fact, it was close to 14% of the GDP. The Greek state would be […]

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Unite the struggles – Fight all across Europe! (June 2010)

Common declaration of Organization of Internationlists Communists (Greece) Revolutionare Sozialistische Organisation (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) To repel the attack on jobs, salaries, pensions, living standards To bail out workers and people – not the capitalists! All across Europe, the working class, the youth and the people are faced with a huge, barbarous attack on their most […]

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Summary of the positions adopted in 17th OKDE Congress (13-14/2/2010)

A. The Global Economic and Political Situation The global economic crisis which burst two years ago –starting with the collapse of the housing mortgage bubble- has been growing. During 2009, the world GDP, the global trade, the GDP of all the imperialist countries, etc, have been presenting negative figures and they will probably continue to […]

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The 4th International in mortal danger (May 2007)

1. It is some years now that the 4th International is in a deep crisis which is growing worse and deepening day after day. The 15th World Congress (February 2003), with the change of the statutes that took place in it, was decisive and it determined, in great extend, the crisis of the 4th International […]

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Statement on the 4th International (August 2005)

The prolonged long repression wave of the capitalist system, which we are dealing with in our times, the domination of the neo-liberal way of management in almost all bourgeois governments, the reinforcement of world and regional instruments of bourgeoisie (World Bank, IMF, WTO, NATO, EU, NAFTA, ALCA, etc) along with the “war capitalism” of the […]

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Our positions on the changes of the 4th International statutes

Adopted in the 15th Congress of OKDE (2005) In the 14th Congress of the 4th International, which took place in February 2003, there are two ruptures with 4th International’s policy since its establishment: a) The changes that were decided in it’s statutes turn the 4th International “the global party of the socialist revolution” into a […]

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