Down with the dangerous war games between Greece – Turkey 

Stop the Mitsotakis government 

Massive anti-war movement! 


Less than two months after the Mitsotakis-Erdogan meeting, the supposedly good developing situation was thrown in the trash can. In recent days, rhetoric and diplomatic moves by the governments of the two countries remind us of the tension in the summer days of 2020, although this time things may be even more serious. 


Mitsotakis and his government, the entire Greek bourgeoisie and elite showed that their first priority is not peace in the region, but to prove to the Western imperialists, especially the Americans, that they can play the role of their most loyal and granted ally, their gendarme in the Southeastern Mediterranean region. 


In his speech to the US Congress, in the midst of a recital really embarrassing for the Greek people, Mitsotakis attacked Turkey verbally, identifying it with the new ‘axis of evil’, Russia – and mainly asked the US not to proceed with the agreement to upgrade the F-16 turkish fighter aircraft fleet. This requirement, in conjunction with the agreement for the purchase by Greece of the new F-35 aircraft fighters, meant an attempt to military degradation –always with the support of the US– of the Turkish capitalism in favor of the Greek, always in the context of the constant flirtation with a military ‘episode’. 


Mitsotakis’ move brought, as expected, the strong reaction of the Turkish government, which has announced the suspension of bilateral talks with Greece, canceling the Supreme Council for Strategic Cooperation between the two countries. At the same time, he again raised the issue of demilitarization of the islands of the Eastern Aegean, going further this time, i.e. raising –albeit verbally– a question of their sovereignty. 


The Mitsotakis government is constantly talking about Erdogan’s provocation – but it is the one who fires and feeds this provocation, while unleashing its own highly adventurous plans. The tension that prevails at the moment is primarily, if not more, its own responsibility, and is part of a very specific plan. Not only did Mitsotakis’ government know that its moves would bring destabilization and opposite actions on the part of Turkish capitalism, but it equally went to ask for them. The reason for that is the strategic goal of Greek bourgeoisie, i.e. the exploitation of the international situation based on the war in Ukraine and the new ‘campist’ separation of the whole world, in order to upgrade its presence in the region. And in this way –that is, with the support of the western imperialists, mainly the US– to try manage the unstoppable slump and overall degradation of Greek capitalism. 


In order to have even the slightest hope in this adventurous and dangerous plan, what is required is the marginalization or at least the restraint of Turkey. This is ‘impossible’ at present, since the Turkish capitalism has seriously strengthened over the last two decades. Therefore, any opposition of Turkey to the Western imperialists and the US is of serious importance for the Greek bourgeoisie. And if this is not achieved within the nagging of Mitsotakis that Turkey does not imposes sanctions on Putin (where his own government excels), then it will not hesitate in the face of a ‘hot’ episode or a conflict, whether it will be Mitsotakis’ own initiative to set it up or he will willingly enter it. Always aiming, offering Greek people (and all the people of the region) as meat for the cannons, to provoke the intervention by the imperialists in the favor of Greek capitalism or at least as a counterweight. 


We ought to be clear. No new expensive military equipment brings peace and security. It brings poverty and war. No involvement of the imperialists in our region and our country does guarantee peace and prosperity. It guarantees us only the constant fear and the direct involvement in the war. No EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) in the sea and no energy resources (natural gas) will bring growth, wealth and good jobs. It will bring enrichment of Greek and foreign oil companies, environmental disaster and the threat of war. In Greece and Turkey, workers, youth and the poor popular strata are suffering from the capitalist crisis on a daily basis. We live by the fear of an escalating war in our region. Mitsotakis, Erdogan, the Greek and Turkish capital, are trying to convince us of the ‘national right’ and ‘sovereign rights threatened by the opposite side’. The only thing they are interested in is defending their right to exploit us, and if necessary send us to kill each other. 


The parliamentary ‘opposition’ to Mitsotakis’ government is in fact fueling these belligerent plans. Either the hypocrites of SYRIZA and KINAL, who –trying to reclaim a governmental participation– demand even ‘harsher tones’ against Turkey. Either the KKE or Diem25, who always see and denounce ‘provocation’ and ‘aggression’ only from the Turkish side, against ‘our sovereign rights’, thus aligning with bourgeois nationalism. 


In the face of these dangers, the workers, the poor and the youth in our country must be vigilant and prepare their militant, class-independent response. The development of a strong, massive anti-war movement is the only real answer to the anxiety of the people of the region not to live another slaughterhouses. 


  • No national alibi in war plans 
  • Down with the dangerous and warmonger Mitsotakis government 
  • Money for health – education – social needs, not for arms and repression 
  • Stop all involvement in the war in Ukraine – Close all military bases now – Imperialists and NATO: OUT – Greece has to leave NATO 
  • Joint struggle – Internationalism of the people in Greece and Turkey, against the threat of war