The expansion of NATO brings war – Massive Anti-war Movement




Down with the opportunistic, dangerous government of Mistotakis 



Down with High Prices – Money for Social Needs, NOT for Armaments 

Participation in the Protests on Wednesday 29 June 


On 29-30 June, the annual NATO Conference is taking place in Madrid. This year’s conference is extremely important as the war in Ukraine is raging as well as the imperialistic conflict between the USA and their partners in EE, on the one hand and Russia on the other. 

NATO was founded in April 1949, a little after the outbreak of the Cold War.  It was not only a military alliance against the USSR, but also the basic institution through which the American imperialism (having imposed its hegemony on its European allies) played the role of a global police officer against the labour and revolutionary movement, against every attempt to overthrow the capitalist system and the imperialistic dominance on the whole planet. 

After 1999, NATO expanded against Russia, violating all its promises to it and incorporating almost all the countries of Central and East Europe, with a tremendous increase of bases and troops in the region. Therefore western imperialists were the ones who triggered tension and, eventually, the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, after which they rushed to increase, even more, their military presence on the borders of Russia. They are threatening to open a number of fronts all over the planet (in the region of Asia, the Pacific, etc) in an attempt to prevent their degradation and supplanting by competitors like China and other “emerging” powers. Next station of their “crusade” is their attempt to include Finland and Sweden into NATO. This is a move that will surge the danger of new war conflicts. This threat of spread and generalization of wars along with the wild global armament race (it have surpassed 2 trillion dollars in 2022) literally menace the survival of the human race. At the same time, Europe has been planted with NATO bases, where nuclear weapons have been stored, like in Araxos. 

Mistotakis’ government as well as the whole Greek bourgeoisie and elite have been playing a leading part in this escalation. In this way, they are hoping to intercept the degradation of Greek capitalism and ensure a stable support from the USA – EE against the domestic labour movement. They are carrying out enormous armaments of tens of billions, the moment that people are suffering from high prices and poverty. They are constantly rising tension against Turkish capitalism in order to force an imperialistic intervention in their favour. With gangster-like and provocative actions aiming to serve the USA, they have been ruining their relations with countries of the region (e.g. piracy of the Iranian oil which they delivered to the American imperialists) exposing Greek people to tremendous dangers. The whole country has been turned into a huge American-NATO basis, while Alexandroupolis has become the main base of operations for the war actions of West imperialists in Ukraine. 

Mistotakis’ government, which is playing a leading part, as a USA-NATO henchman, in the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, the sanctions against Russia and the anti-communist hysteria,  is not the only one responsible. Parliamentary “opposition” (SYRIZA, KINAL, etc), which supports NATO expansion, votes for armaments and demands a “harsher rhetoric” against Turkey, is also responsible. 

As long as powers such as these dominate, we will be heading towards new war massacres and disasters. While high prices and poverty will be ravaging people, labour rights and democratic liberties will be crushed in the name of “national dangers”. We need a militant anti-war movement right away. With workers’ and peoples’ internationalism and our joint struggles as our weapon, we must stop NATO expansion, rip out the bases and nuclear weapons, stop the armament race and fight off the war threat.  


NO to Sweden – Finland Admission to NATO. Struggle for its Break-up 

Exit of Greece from NATO. NO Participation to the War. Out with Bases and Nuclear Weapons. 

NO to Imperialistic Competitions, NO to the War of Sanctions at the Expense of the Peoples.