Denounciation of the positions of the leadership of the united secretariat of the 4th International on the top issue of ukraine



We denounce the anti-Marxist stance of the leadership of the United Secretariat on a number of issues, culminating in its unacceptable, pro-war, pro-imperialist and pro-NATO position on the Russian invasion and war in Ukraine, as formulated in the statements issued on 30/01/2022, 1/03/2022 and in several articles by its cadres and supporters. The support for NATO and the imperialist countries of the West by the leadership of the United Secretariat is obvious. So is its departure from the principles and traditions of the workers’ movement, Trotskyism and revolutionary Marxism.

It goes so far as to defend the Zelensky government (describing the regime it represents as “democratic”, not caring that it is a creation, a puppet of US-NATO). It does not hesitate to camp with the western imperialists / NATO, by supporting measures such as: “arming the Ukrainians with weapons”, “supporting sanctions”, etc. Indeed, they vomitously use in their phraseology internationalist solidarity, the right of people for their self determination, for peace unilaterally and in favour of NATO, pointing out that the accession of countries in the region to NATO was supported by their populations in the hope that it would protect their independence! In this way, they justify the USA, NATO, Zelensky, the Azov battalion. They align themselves with the bourgeois governments of their countries, identify with the propaganda of demonising Putin, who carries of course huge responsibilities, and exonerate those who are mainly responsible, the US-NATO-EU murders. The imperialists of the West in 2014 organized the Maidan coup d’ état (a continuation of the “Orange Revolution” of 2004), aimed at Ukraine’s accession to NATO. They declared civil war in the russian-speaking regions, banned all organizations that had reference to the workers’ movement and communism – for all this and much more, the leadership of the United Secretariat is not only indifferent, but conceals to it. These positions have nothing to do with the history and traditions of revolutionary Marxism. They belong to the black pages of social democracy and Stalinism.

The leadership of the Unified Secretariat has probably “forgotten” that the Western imperialists since World War II have been responsible for the death of over 30 million people in wars and conflicts that they have waged all over the planet. For example, we will recall the war in Korea (1950), Vietnam (1967), the missile crisis in Cuba and the attempt to overthrow its workers’ state, their participation and involvement in all the coups in Greece, Chile, Guatemala and almost all of Latin America countries. In Congo, where they assassinated Patrice Lumumba, and in almost all the countries of Africa. In Indonesia, where they murdered 1 million militants and exterminated the 4,000-member Trotskyist organization Acoma. The wars and coups in all the countries of the Middle East, etc. The workers’ movement, the 4th International, left-wing militants, liberation movements fought and gave their blood to prevent these atrocities of the US-NATO-EU imperialists.

After 1991 and the collapse of the USSR, NATO was upgraded. The leadership of the United Secretariat moved to more and more right-wing/social democratic positions with disastrous results both at the ideological, political and organizational level, leading to the dissolution of several sections around the world (France, Spain, Italy, L. America, etc.). The first symptoms of the pro-imperialist policy appeared when the US-NATO-EU bombed Belgrade and Serbia – and the leadership of the United Secretariat maintained a “favourable neutrality”. The positions of the leadership of the United Secretariat on the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine show in the clearest way that its social-democratization and degeneration can’t be reverted.

OKDE calls on organisations and militants inside or outside the United Secretariat to form a front for the removal of this traitorous leadership and for the reconstruction of the 4th International before this leadership dismantles what is left and further tarnishes the history, our principles and the traditions of revolutionary Marxism. In order restore the traditions of revolutionary Marxism and of the 4th International, which the world labour movement and humanity so desperately need. We call for a debate to move forward:

  • To build a front to remove the leadership of the 4th International.
  • To the creation of a coordinating committee to reconstruct the 4th International.