Victory to the students’ struggle in Greece!

It’s more than 1 month now, that the students’ movement in Greece is waging a big fight against the reactionary plans of the right government of “New Democracy” and its notorious prime minister Mitsotakis, holding mass general assemblies, faculty occupations and demonstrations in the streets throughout all the country.

The government is trying to enforce a new legislation that sets totally free the functioning of “Private Universities”: a cornerstone of its numerous neoliberal attacks to fully dismantle public universities and commercialize the highest degree of the educational system.

As the greek students’ movement has repeatedly demonstrate, this will only result to generalized fees across all university education, excluding from it on a class basis the big majority of youth with a working class and poor popular origin. And, at the same time, destroying the value of the public universities’ diplomas, meaning that the youth’s perspective and rights as a future salaried worker/employee will sharply collapse.

The governmental presented law is a real anti-constitutional coup d’ etat, trying to bypass the famous “Article n. 16” of the greek constitution. This still stands as one of the most emblematic gains of the struggles of greek working class and youth since 50 years, after the November 1973 Polytechnic revolt against the military dictatorship. It clearly states that in Greece university education is only allowed by fully public and autonomously-run universities.

The greek students’ movement has a long record of struggle and has many times emerged victorious against the reactionary attacks of the bourgeois governmnts (1975, 1979, 1987, 1990-1991, 2006-2007), defending in practice and for a good part the right for popular access to university education and stopping privatization, being thus a mostly valuable ally to the working class.

We express our full solidarity to the greek students’ movement. We condemn all efforts by the Mitsotakis government and its controlled mass media to slunder and repress it. The greek students’ struggle goes on, until victory – let’s unite our struggles across all Europe against the bourgeois governments and their neoliberal attacks!

AMR Controvento


League for the Fifth International

NAR (Neo Aristero Revma)


Partido Obrero

Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori

Revolutionary Communist International Tendency

Socialismo o Barbarie

Sosyalist Emekciler Partisi

Workers International Network