Solidarity with the students repressed by the Greek government. Ανακοίνωση αλληλεγγύης οργανώσεων απο τη Λ. Αμερική στους 23 διωκόμενους φοιτητές

47th anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising

Solidarity with the students repressed by the Greek government

Every year in Greece, on November 17th, the youth and students of the country take to the streets to commemorate the Uprising of the Polytechnic University that in 1973 challenged the military junta that governed the country. This year, the New Democracy government headed by Mitsotakis launched a ban on any demonstration in the framework of the new quarantine imposed in view of the so-called second wave of the pandemic. As in all countries, this reactionary measure, far from protecting the health of the people, serves to defend the health systems of the bourgeoisie from collapse, systems that started to be dismantled by the adjustment policies applied by imperialism in view of the crisis of 2008 and even before. In the case of Greece, the adjustment was imposed by the Troika (EU, IMF, ECB) through a series of memorandums, the last of which was guaranteed by the government of Syriza and Tsipras.

The real face of the quarantine is the repression exerted against the youth last November 17th, with thousands of policemen in the streets of Athens, to guarantee order and the stability of the state institutions in view of the social and economic crisis that is hitting the country, and to stop the mobilization of the working class, especially its youth, and the student movement. The repression by the police was not limited to the capital and was unleashed in all the important cities. In Ioannina (northwest), the anti-riots attacked a group of students, with the result of several wounded, 30 arrested and 23 students prosecuted on several charges.

We are in solidarity with the Greek students and youth who are facing the anti-worker policies of the EU, the IMF and their own government in the face of the crisis, measures that they intend to impose with the crudest and most brutal repression. We make ourselves available for the youth and comrades of OKDE to promote an international campaign for the nullification of the procecution of the 23 students of Ioannina. We strive for the internationalist unity of the vanguard of the working class throughout the world, through a debate on the methods, program and international organization that we need, which for us is the reconstructed Fourth International, so that our class can impose a workers’ and revolutionary way out to the capitalist crisis that the world is experiencing.

Down with the repressive measures of the Greek state and the Mitsotakis government

Nullification of the procecution of the 23 students of Ioannina

TRQI – Tendência para a Reconstrução da Quarta Internacional

TRCI – Tendencia por la Reconstrucción de la Cuarta Internacional

TRFI – Tendency for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International

COR – Corriente Obrera Revolucionaria (Workers’ Revolutionary Current)
LOI – Liga Operária Internacionalista (Workers’ Internationalist League)
COR – Corriente Obrera Revolucionaria ( Workers’ Revolutionary Current)