Not a single compromise with the EU’s and the Markets’ blackmails

Not a single compromise with the EU’s and the Markets’ blackmails


Down immediately with the Memorandums. Cancellation of the whole debt.
Immediate restoration of salaries and pensions, of the laid off, of the democratic liberties

At 3/2, the European Central Bank decided not to recognize the greek bonds as a collateral for providing liquidity to the greek banks. In this way, the ECB applies a raw blackmail and identifies itself absolutely with the pressures and blackmails of Merkel and its company. It implements the declarations of all the european imperialists (Schultz, Merkel, Hollande, Renzi etc.) that they “respect” the decision of the greek people, but… the agreements must be followed without the slightest change! In other words: “you can vote for anything you want, but the Memorandums will go on without any obstacles, your debt remains in its whole and you must go on paying it regularly. Otherwise we will drive you to bankruptcy!”. This is the straightforward blackmail of european imperialists.

In the elections of January 25th, the greek working class, the youth and the poor popular strata showed their will to stop the Memorandums, the demolition of salaries and pensions, the thiefy taxation, the destruction of working relations and our enslavement, the destruction of education, health and social security, the privatizations and sold–out of the public wealth. They hit the Emergnency State, this dictatorship with a parliamentarian veil, the attacks of demonstrations and strikers by the MAT, Delta etc. [note: special repressive police forces], the parliamentarian coups d’ etat with “legislative acts”, the obligatory military service used to smash strikes etc. They raised a flag against the rampant growth of wealth for a handful of capitalists, native and european ones, who –during the bigger crisis ever in the country– are increasing their fortunes. Against the bleeding of paying the debt to international and native usurers. The pro–memorandum forces (New Democracy, PASOK, their clutches DIMAR, LAOS, Golden Dawn, their wanna–be replacements like The River), faced a heavy defeat. This did not come like a bolt from the blue, nor is it only the result of our rage and anger after 5 years of deep economic crisis and Memorandums. It’s mainly the result of the big and heroic struggles of these 5 years: almost 30 General Strikes, revolts and clashes (5 May 2010, “the squares’ movement” and the clashes of June 2011, 12 February 2012), of countless small and big strikes and struggles (ERT, janitors, school guards etc.).

But, on January 25th it’s only a first battle that we have won – the war goes on and the clash will be harsh, a fight for life or death. Against the european imperialists, as well as the greek capitalists, the “Fifth Phalanx” of willing pro–memorandum staff in our country, who will seek to fight back, even though they are still cautious, after the electoral punch they have received. Neither the Memorandums, nor the debt can be “torn” just out of an electoral result or through the parliamentarian institutions. Because, quite plainly, the “black block” of their supporters in Greece and Europe is a sworn enemy of the working class and the poor popular strata. We must cancel the Memorandums and the debt in practice, with our struggles. To get jobs for the 1,5 m. jobless, to drag out of the impoverishment almost 4 m. and out of growing poverty the whole of the greek people, to rebuild education, health and social security, to restore the working relations and the political, democratic and union rights, to start reconstructing the ruined economy. To sweep out the Memorandum Regime we need:

Fully and definitely cancel the Memorandums. Immediately stop paying the debt and its interests. Cancel the whole of the debt.

Get out of the Euro and the EU. Because we can not –on the one hand– ask for the full and definite cancellation of the Memorandums and the debt, while –on the other hand– bargain with the Eurozone/the EU for their continuation.

Immediately stop/reverse all privatizations. Nationalization of the key enterprises and sectors of the economy, especially the banks, under workers’ control. In order to ensure the continuity and growth of productions, stop the closing–down of plants and enterprises, restart functioning the enterprises that closed down. To ensure that there will be investments, in order to create jobs.

Move forward, for a Workers’ Government, based on our self–organization, mobilizations and struggle, in every enterprise, school and university, up to national level. A force that can impose such a program in practice, to save us from the crisis and bankruptcy of the capitalist system.

We are not blackmailed. We don’t succumb to any european official, to any bourgeois/imperialist government (of Merkel, Hollande, Renzi etc.), to any european or greek banker, to any european or greek capitalist. We have on our side millions of workers and poor popular strata in Europe, who either in the euro–elections, or with their struggles (general strikes in Italy and Belgium, strikes and demonstrations in Spain, Portugal, Germany etc., actions of solidarity with the greek people) are opposing the dictatorship of the EU, the Memorandums, the debt and the markets.

We must struggle without wasting a moment, so that the european imperialists’ blackmail shall not pass. We can’t and we must not trust this huge task not even to the new government of SYRIZA, which hands are “weak” to implement it. Because its rotten alliances, its coward program, the illusions its spreading for the parliamentarian institutions – and, above all, its recognition of “the holly and the sacred” (rules, treaties etc.) of the EU, of the Eurozone, of paying the debt, all these can’t at the end lead us nowhere else than to compromises to our loss, to frustrations and defeats.

Workers, poor popular strata and youth, we must take up to this task ourselves. All out, in the cities’ central squares, in neighborhood assemblies. Forward for a General Political Strike, for occupations in all schools and universities. For an uprising that will impose our right, against the wall of EU’s and the markets’ blackmails. NOT A STEP BACK – FIGHT TO VICTORY!

Organization of Communists – Internationalists (Greece)