USA – EU threaten the political scene in Serbia

EU (mainly Germany) and the US, after their invasion and the disintegration of SFR Yugoslavia, have associated and integrated under their influence every state and small state/protectorate that has emerged. These have joined NATO and are seeking for their entry in the EU. Sole exceptions comprise Serbia and Bosnia–Herzegovina (which has a significant Serbian population), which have not joined NATO, but are in talks with the EU without giving in to pressure to break their relations with Russia and China. The Western imperialists are putting unbearable pressure on Serbia with the thorn in Kosovo’s side, demanding recognition of its independence and with the EU’s supervisory role in the administration of Bosnia-Herzegovina with the main aim of weakening the Serbian factor. Especially in the last 10 years, with the intensification of the US-EU conflict with Russia-China and even more so after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Balkans have been caught in the eye of the hurricane of the intra-imperialist conflict. US’s attempt to uproot the Russian and Chinese influence, with the EU as its long arm, threatens to inflame the Balkan Peninsula and with Serbia being its main target due to its close relations at all levels with Russia and economic ties with China.

Rehearsal for an “orange” revolution on the model of Ukraine

The governing coalition of Serbian President Vučić has tried for years to maintain a difficult balance against the imperialists. He keeps Serbia in the EU membership debate, while maintaining excellent relations with Russia (in a political, religious, economic, military level), he refused to get involved in the anti-Russian sanctions for the invasion in Ukraine, while at the same time accepting Chinese investments mainly in the exploitation of raw materials. With the protectorate of Kosovo being in constant conflict, with the Serbian army on constant alert on their borders, refusing to accept the fait accompli of the western imperialists and just as strongly opposing the westernization of Bosnia-Herzegovina. This stance of Serbia led the western imperialists to try to create political unrest in order to impose a pro-western government. Early elections were held on 17th December, in order to form a stable government with a fresh mandate. The undisputed winner was Vucic’s same coalition government with SNS, which received 47% and 127 seats (previously 120). The opposition pro-western coalition “Serbia Against Violence” (SPN) received 23,6% and 65 seats. Following: SPS (Socialist Party of Serbia) with 6,6% and 18 seats, the nationalists NADA with 4,9% and 13 seats, People’s Voice (anti-vaccinationists etc.) with 4,8% and 13 seats, followed by minority parties: Magyars (Hungarians) of Vojvodina 6 seats, Croats of Vojvodina 3 seats, Muslims of Sanjak 2 seats, Russian Party 1 seat, Albanians of South Serbia 1 seat. Vucic’s Coalition also dominated in the concurrent local elections. However it was a hard fought battle in Belgrade, where Vucic won again with 38% versus 35% of the opposition party.

Based on this result, the opposition parties have denounced an orgy of tampering and are demanding a repeat of the elections, not only in Belgrade but in general. They organized protests in Belgrade that targeted the building of the National Electoral Commission and other public buildings, leading to clashes with the police. Two opposition leaders began a hunger strike immediately after the elections, calling for the cancellation of the election results and imploring the EU to intervene in the process and enforce new elections with international observers. Indicative of the atmosphere they are cultivating were banners at the demonstrations reading “Euromaidan Serbia,” directly referring to the Western-leaning uprising in Ukraine in 2014 led by the neo-Nazis of the Right Sector and Azov. The EU and especially Germany support the opposition with statements calling for the allegations to be investigated! However, the fact that even the observer from the European Parliament, Vladimir Bilčik, stated that the elections were conducted in a “good” manner, shows their false propaganda.

Vucic himself openly accuses foreign secret services of intervention to create unrest and has announced a press conference where he will name the orchestrator of the insurgency with evidence (see Germany), clarifying that Serbia will not become Ukraine! Russia and China, of course, support the elected president.

At the same time in Kosovo, where in the four Serbian municipalities their mayors have been appointed by the Kosovo Albanians after the Serbs abstained from the elections, the Serbs submit a request for their withdrawal, which should be accepted if signed by 20% of the residents.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the president of the “Serbian Republic,” Dodik, threatens that if the EU’s high representative attempts to implement a law that would take away from the Serbs the management of state property in their own region, he will completely withdraw from the state of Bosnia!

In the same way as in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Taiwan and the Pacific, North Africa, also at the Balkans aeria, the Western imperialists do not hesitate to incite hatred and conflicts in their efforts to isolate and strike blows against the imperialists of Russia and China. The working classes of Serbia and all Balkan states must immediately prepare to react to the warmongering plans and the nationalist poison of the imperialists.