The threat of War is menacing the people all over the world



We, the workers, youth and poor popular strata all over the world, especially in Europe, are watching the developments in Ukraine and hear again the terrifying sound of the war in our area, foreboding disasters and suffering for the entire humanity.

The large-scale Russian military operation in Ukraine is taking place due to the sustained Russia’s engulfment by the NATO, which has been pursuing its stranglehold for years. After the coup in Maidan in 2014, where a jam of fascists took action with the European and American imperialists’ undisguised funding and support, Ukraine turned into a stooge of the west imperialists against Russia, and the Ukrainian people have sunk into poverty and misery. The annexation of Crimea by Russia, the declaration of “Peoples’ Republics” in Donetsk and Luhansk, made it clear that Russia wouldn’t recede any more. Since then, the western imperialists, through the propaganda of their controlled mass media, have been cultivating an anti-russian hysteria, arming the semi-fascist regime in Kiev, inflaming an unending civil war in East Ukraine and organizing the admission of Ukraine in the NATO, a declared “red line” for Russia.

Putin, using ridiculous anti-communist and anti-bolshevik slogans, ordered the imperialist invasion of Russia, which is bringing in a new historic period of challenging the correlation of powers in Europe after the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. The humiliating defeat of US-EU in Afghanistan, the financial crisis, which has burst especially in the western imperialist countries, the shift of correlations of forces against them (the growth of China, the western imperialists’ defeats in Latin America, Middle East etc.), pushes them to try restoring the lost ground and reversing their downgrading. Because of this situation, all the peoples of the world are facing new intimidating dangers, as the hazard of a sweeping conflict and clash of the contemporary Great Powers is coming closer and closer.

Here in Greece, the warlike policy of the New Democracy government, which fully complies with US-NATO-EU, threatens to devastate –once again– the workers’ and youth living standards. Just like the previous government of SYRIZA, they are carpetbaggers and dangerous, since they have turned the country into a huge American-NATO military base – and are exposing the Greek people in great danger. The same moment that high prices have already brought the workers and the poor popular strata to their knees, the government is planning the complete dependence of the country on the extremely expensive liquefied US natural gas. Furthermore, under the pretext of “national dangers”, they are bound to try and toughen up their counter-labor attack, as well as the repressive crackdown, the abolishment of democratic liberties, the state of emergency and the police state.

As the situation escalates, we workers are asked again to foot the bill for military expenditures or fighting for the interests of the imperialists. It is the labor and youth movement’s duty and need to stop these plans, before it’s too late. We should not support any of the reactionary imperialist forces that clash each other. Especially in Europe and in our country, which is committed by our ruling class to the side of the “West”, we have to make it clear that we will not fight for the interests of either the US-NATO or the Greek economic and political elite, which engenders poverty, unemployment, impoverishment and death! With unity and combativeness, we –workers, unemployed, young and poor– have to organize an anti-war, anti-imperialist movement. We have to overthrow the warmonger government of New Democracy, with strikes and demonstrations, anti-war committees and assemblies, in every workplace, neighborhood, school and university school. We must block any participation in the war conflicts of the imperialists! This fight, inside “our own country”, is the best guarantee against the horror of war. It will be the greatest contribution to the struggle of all the peoples threatened and tried by war.

  • Down with Rivalries. War against the Imperialists’ War, with Strikes, Demonstrations, Occupations.
  • Military Bases and NATO: OUT! No to Nuclear Weapons. No Participation in the US-NATO plans. No to Armaments, Money for Social Needs.
  • Let’s build a mass anti-war, anti-imperialist, internationalist movement in our country and Europe. Down with war governments – Only Solution, a Workers’ Europe.





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