Workers, Youth, People in Greece and Turkey. Let’s Unite in Common Struggle Against the Threat of War!

Workers, Youth, People in Greece and Turkey

Let’s Unite in Common Struggle Against the Threat of War!

The people of Greece and Turkey are faced with a big and increasing danger of military ‘episodes’ or even a confrontation, due to the Greek–Turkish bourgeois classes’ competition reaching, again, severe levels.

The whole region around South Eastern Mediterranean Sea has become a primary field of conflicting interests. All imperialist and expansionist forces are heavily involved, from the US–NATO–EU imperialists to Russia (even China in the background), as well as big peripheral ‘players’ of our epoch. Their quest is not for ‘peace’, ‘stability’ and ‘international law’ – but the crude drive for profits, for energy and commercial resources and roads. For control over the huge issues involved in the US–Russia rivalry, in the coming penetrarion of China, in the situation in the Middle East and Eurasia. These factors multiply the stakes of the Greek–Turkish capitalisms’ competition – and its dangers for the people, in both countries and in the whole region.

There is no ‘progressive side’ or ‘just cause’ on any side, neither of the Greek nor of the Turkish capitalism. In the face of both countries’ people, none of them must be set free claiming to be on the defense of ‘the homeland’ or ‘national sovereignty rights’. The use of ‘international law’ in their hand is just another pretext for laying claims on see areas and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ).

Both governments and bourgeois classes are equally reactionary and oppressive. They both throw heavily the burden of the economic crisis on the shoulders of the workers’ and the poor popular strata, to help and save capitalists and the rich elites. They both manage the pandemic in a way deceptive and dangerous for public health. They both repress democratic rights and popular mobilization, in numerous cases. They both spent huge amounts of money for arms. They both try to be the ‘best partner’ of US Imperialism, for its bloody plans, interventions and wars in the region, demanding whatever benefits they can in return.

The energy resources found in the region is a relatively new factor in the decade–long competition of Greek and Turkish bourgeois classes. There is nothing for the people to benefit from these resources – no wealth and prosperity, no work and wages, no social spending! The only beneficiaries will be the big energy multinationals and local capitalists, in partnership. There is only one possible positive use of these energy resources: If the sole criterion is the benefit of the people. – With bilateral and international cooperation. – Under public ownership / investment and democratic workers’ control. – Which also mean to protect ourselves from further environmental threats and disasters! Our direction must be against the obsolete, destructive use of fossil fuels: We say NO to the excavations and the related competition for EEZ!

The people in the region and in our two countries crave for a peaceful life, a decent future. We demand: No more tragedies like the ones suffered by the people in Syria and Libya! But only talking for ‘peace’ in general, provides no way out. We must unite, stand and fight together! Against all imperialist and expansionist forces, who fuel the fire of conflicts and war, who have blood–sheded all the region from Libya to the Balkans and the Middle East. And especially to get out of NATO and drive out US–NATO bases. Against the warmongering agenda of the nationalists and militarists. Against the huge military spending and arms race of ‘our’ governments, let us bring our dire social needs to the forefront.

This is the only way to save ourselves from the madness of bourgeois and imperialist competition, to really prevent the threat of ‘episodes’ and war. In the direction of Internationalism, with our common fight for Socialism, in our countries and the whole region: For a democratically planned economy, which will care for social needs and environmental protection. With workers’ governments, that will implement a program of peripheral cooperation, in spirit of fraternal solidarity.

OKDE – Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece


 Workers’ Democracy Party (turkish section, International Workers Unity – 4th International)