Down with the emergency state and the doctrine of “Law and Order”


“I can’t breathe!”: African-american George Floyd’s death rattle at the time of his heinous murder by the police officer Derek Chauvin, in Minnesota, on Monday 25 May, turned into the raged slogan of a militant movement which has been shaking the USA. The assassination triggered an actual revolt in at least 10 states up to now- and even reached the White House. Youths and work-people have been holding long daily protests and clash with the police. Trump and his government are having a really hard time trying to control the situation which results in retractions  internally. The police has been launching literally murderous pogroms agains every Agrican-american, poor, young. At least 2 protesters have already been assassinated by the police repression, the state and para-state terrorism. Mobilizing the paranoid, dangerous, fanatic radical rightists and religionists, using a civil war rhetoric “against the terrorism of the mob, of the extreme and radical left”, mobilizing the National Guard and taking heavily armed troops out in the streets, the American imperialism is attempting to impose an enormous militarization on the verge of an undeclared dictatorship, as the only solution to its problems.   

Prior to the pandemic, a number of struggles and revolts had flared up in dozens of countries (Chile, France – Yellow Vests, Iraq, Lebanon, etc) resulting from the tremendous crisis of capitalism and its new deterioration. As social contradictions and the oppression of the poor, the work-people and the young were compressed and boosted during the global “quarantine” due to the antilabor, restrictive, suppressing measures of the bourgeois governments and states, the current explosion in the USA creates the potential for a new, bigger and harder wave of struggles and revolts all over the world.  

Our solidarity to the revolting people of the USA is of global significance for the work-people and the youth in every country. Every victory against Trump, as well as against the rotten pseudo-progressive establishment of the Democrats that wants to succeed him ((channeling the resistance towards the elections), is boosting the crisis of the American imperialism, is making it harder for it to throw itself into new risky war adventures, is making way for greater overturns.

The American reality

Floyd’s assassination was literally the last straw. Being African-american in the USA means that you are in constant danger of being killed by the state itself. Officers enjoy official immunity and unpunishment for the slew of racist murders they commit. The police kills more than 1.000 people per year, the authorities refuse to release evidence for these incidents, while in 2019 there were only 27 days when the police did not kill someone.   

African-americans, just as the white youth, the work-people and the poor in the USA, face a doomed future due to the economic crisis that has been advancing with terrifying rates of poverty, unemployment, lack of housing; with the death toll that they paid because of the COVID-19: 104.000 people out of 364.000 globally, that is 1 out of 4 dead people!

The neoliberal policies of privatization – commercialization of health services, applied all the previous years, are being carried on leading to the American establishment’s (Trump and Democrats’) political choice to keep the economy going in the midst of the pandemic, regardless of the cost in human lives, in order that capitalists can profit. Racial and economic inequality has led the spreading of the virus to strike the poor and the colored harder. The districts of the African-americans and the Latinos in New York and other cities have been struck disproportionately hard.      

… and the Emergency State of New Democracy

In our country, the lottery minister Chrysohoidis, having got the message of the new storms due to come, rushed to supply the police with huge amounts of chemicals costing tens of millions -“the purchase of the decade”! The hatred of police, the government and all the bourgeois, “pro-memorandum” forces is unappeased. After the murders of Koumi and Kanellopoulou (1980), Mihalis Kaltezas (1985), Alexis Grigoropoulos (December 2008), by the state, after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas in 2013 which had the back of the police and after numerous incidents of police arbitrariness and murderous attacks against protests and combatants, of tortures, mass beating, humiliations, etc, they took the chance of the “quarantine” to perform a general rehearsal of a police-state. They have been attempting to massively intimidate the youth and the society with raids to squares and neighborhoods. They are building a harsher and harsher Emergency State expressed at its utmost form by “Law and Order”. This state aims to suppress and terrorize all the “underprivileged”, abolish every democratic right. It turns against the youth and the work-people so that they can’t resist the labor dark ages, the debt-colony status and the long lasting memorandums that they have been imposing to us, so that we will be the ones who pay for the economic crisis which has been intensified by the spreading of the COVID-19!


Organization – Unity – Resistance  and Counterattack everywhere!

We must take the lead of the situation. We must show nternationalist solidarity to the youth and the people of the USA, who are revolting against the neoliberal, racist, antidemocratic policies of the American imperialism! We must get to the streets demanding the cease of the racist killings in the USA, Greece, everywhere! With our struggles and self-organization, building a militant front of the youth, the work-people, the poor, we must impose democratic liberties and crash the Emergency State, the “Law and Order” of the government and the rest of the memorundum fans. 


Out with the special police forces and the police from squares, neighborhoods, public places of people’s gathering. Disarmament of the police

Let’s take down the Emergency State, let’s establish a real Social State of Welfare. Medical and hospital care public and free for everyone.

Take back the anti-labor Legislative Enactments. None payment/ work hours reduction to any employee. Let’s take down the New Exploitation System