The People of Catalonia have spoken: INDEPENDENCE. Down with the fascism of the State of Spain

The People of Catalonia have spoken: INDEPENDENCE

Down with the fascism of the State of Spain

Down with the EU imperialist accomplices

International Solidarity to the People of Catalonia


Forty years after Franco’s death, the fascist dictatorship remains “alive” and returns to Catalonia! As early as the first hours of Sunday 1st October, the National Police and National Guard of Spain invaded, by force, into poling stations all over the district of Catalonia in order to confiscate ballot boxes and ballots and prevent the referendum. The real target of this fierce repressive operation was –and still is- the solidly self-organised people of Catalonia who had occupied the school buildings-polling stations since Friday night in order to ensure the prosecution of the Referendum for its self-determination and its right to form an independent state.

This self-organised and determined people had to face the repressive forces of Rajoy. Thousands of women, children, elderly and youngsters who resisted and defended their fundamental democratic right, were dealt with the repressive fury of the Spanish state, resulting to more than 800 injured people. The repressive forces even used rubber bullets against them. The population of Catalonia swarmed massively to the streets, especially in Barcelona, defending its democratic right to decide for its future and resisting the repressive forces, by hundreds of thousands. Especially promising was the participation and militancy of the youth. Despite the orgy of repression, participation exceeded 42% and the outcome was overwhelming for Independence (90%).

With demonstrations, barricades, even hand to hand combats, the masses of Catalonia have reminded us some of the best traditions of the labour movement, as they were defending the polling stations along with their right to vote. This way, more than 3 million people were mobilized and managed to break terrorism and strengthen their movement, offering, at the same time, a great example to the peoples of Europe.

Maintaining this course of action, the labour Federations (CNT, CGT, CCOO) are calling, on Tuesday 3rd October, for a General Political Strike which will determine political developments. When labour class is on the move, everything is possible: the struggle can get greater power and depth, every potential attempt of bourgeois or reformist leaderships to compromise against public will can be overturned.

Once again in history, after the glorious days of the Spanish Renolution in 1936-1939, the future of the working people and the European peoples is greatly determined by what is taking place in Catalonia. The events of 1st October mean a definite break of the masses of Catalonia with the emaciated Spanish monarchy and the reactionary state of Madrid, with the nationalist right and the neo-francists, especially those of Rajoy and the Popular Party. They also mean a break with the reactionary antidemocratic EU, which, headed by the German imperialism, supports the repression of the people of Catalonia, dreading a broader popular and labour dispute of the EU and the Euro –already in extreme crisis. That is why the Emergency State is extending throughout Europe, along with an antidemocratic fall back of governments and bourgeois state institutions against the working people, peoples and the most fundamental rights and liberties.

Developments are critical as the overwhelming 90% for Independence as well as the reactionary fascist attitude of Madrid have posed the issue of its unilateral declaration on the part of the people of Catalonia.

The working people and the youth in Greece and the whole Europe must stand by the people of Catalonia with solidarity getting into action in defense of their right to freely decide for their own future. The battle to defend the right to self-determination is a battle to defend the most fundamental democratic rights and civil liberties which are being rapidly abolished all over Europe, following the Greek example of the memorandums, poverty and repression, the abolition of the essence of popular and national sovereignty. It is our duty to act – and an opportunity to blow a great strike to the imperialists and the reactionary elites of the EU. Following the way that the labour and popular masses of Catalonia have paved, we should pick up the tread of the 2010-2012 struggles. With struggles everywhere, aiming at a general political strike, we must get out in streets and squares demanding for all the memorandum supporters –old and new- to flee and for the memorandums to be abolished. We must impose our liberties in practice against the dark regime of the imperialists, the EU and its reactionary supporters.

Rajoy – Monarchy, hands off Catalonia

Hurray for an Independed Catalonia

Pan-european coordination of struggles – Continuous General Strike

With combative, uniting struggles to crush the Emergency State all over EU