Joint Anti-War statement of Greek Organizations





  1. The attack of Russia against Ukraine is a major step of escalation of the antagonism between USA/NATO – EU and Russia-China, a historic act that brings humanity to the era of overt war conflicts for the interests of capital. The effort to justify the Russian invasion with the “de –Νazification” of Ukraine or the “protection of the “Peoples’ Republics” from the Ukrainian fascists”, cannot hide the fact that it intends to promote the interests of Russian capitalism in the region of Ukraine and beyond, by means of great-Russian nationalism and 
  1. The USA, NATO and the EU have crucial responsibilities for this development, since during the last years they promote: the immediate surrounding of Russia as well as China’s through the entrance to NATO of all  Eastern countries∙ the entrance of Ukraine to NATO, the enforcement of the role of the fascist groups (“Right Sector”, Azov Regiment etc.) which pursue ethnic cleansing in Ukraine, the out-lawing of parties with a left, labour and communist orientation, the assassination of tens of workers during the arson of the Unions Building in Odessa,  the violation of the Minsk agreement.

The USA have shown that they will not hesitate to use their arm superiority to compensate for their relative financial setback in the world rivalry.

The accusations by the USA and the member states of the EU are totally hypocritical. We do not forget that these are the forces that bombed Yugoslavia, bloodsheded the Balkans, invaded Iraq and so many other countries, encouraged the reactionary and nationalist regime of Ukraine, imposed juntas and invasions throughout the planet!

We do not forget the murderous political and military invasion of the USA on the side of the bourgeois class against the popular, revolutionary movement of our country and the support of the junta by the USA and NATO! We know well their dirty imperialist role.

  1. The working people in our country face grave dangers. The government of New Democracy hurried to implicate in the war by sending military equipment to Ukraine and by announcing an even deeper involvement. It completely aligns with the dirty propaganda by the USA and the EU. Military bases, ports, the sea and the air are surrendered to the USA-NATO plans. The conversion of Alexandroupolis into a centre for the NATO attack to the North, the utilization of the strategic military base in Souda, the increasing military involvement increase the dangers. The above are a result of the dogma “we belong to the West” which nowadays includes the “strategic relation with the USA”, built by the SYRIZA government and upgraded by the government of New Democracy with the indefinite stay of the military bases, the reactionary “axis” with Israel and Egypt, the “Greek-French agreement” that provides even sending forces to Sahel, the heavy military expenditures that make Greece the “champion” throughout NATO, the upgrading of militarism!

The fight to stop any engagement, the closing of the military bases, the withdrawal from NATO, the abolition of the armament programmes are of vital importance for the survival of the people!

  1. At the same time the large enterprises in energy, commerce and elsewhere use the war in Ukraine to sky – rocket their profits. The unprecedented high prices of every day goods drive the people to despair as poverty spreads. The bourgeois class and the government of New Democracy attack the rights and the freedoms of the working people, deepen exploitation. The working people with their struggle most overthrow this policy.
  1. The escalation of war brings death, poverty, refugees, hate and nationalisms. We stand by the Ukrainian people who is under attack and the Russian people that bears the consequences of the war. We express our solidarity to the millions of Ukrainian refugees. We denounce the hypocrisy of the government and of the EU that separates refugees into “good” ones and “bad” ones.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian left, communist and other militants that are being prosecuted and face ultra-right terrorism. We stand by the heroic anti-war protestors in Russia, despite the prosecutions and the terrorism by the Russian government, we stand by the anti-war, anti-imperialist movement, by all of those who oppose nationalist hatred with internationalism.

We strongly oppose the unacceptable “McCarthyism” against Russian civilization, the expulsion of artists and athletes, the cultivation of nationalism and hatred.

  1. Peoples have nothing to separate them! They have nothing to gain from the imperialist rivalry. The independent struggle of the workers and the peoples, a strong, wide anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist movement against the bourgeois rivalries, against the preparation for war, against racism and nationalism, against political authoritarianism which is intensified,  is imperative, especially in our region where the dangerous rivalry between the bourgeois classes of Greece and Turkey are expressed, in the framework of the imperialist plans against the peoples on the two sides of the Aegean Sea.

          Only with the constant struggle against war and poverty, for salary and pension raises, for increased spending in education, health and social security, against soaring prices of goods, against “our own” bourgeois class and the government of New Democracy that attack working people, that align with the warmongering policy of the USA and NATO, can the working people gain peace and the life they deserve.


  • We demand the immediate stop of the war actions in Ukraine. Russia – USA-NATO-EU out of Ukraine.
  • No involvement of Greece in the war in Ukraine. With our struggle we will block the war machine.
  • Out with military bases. No to the conversion of Alexandroupoli into a NATO bridgehead. Exit of Greece from NATO. Dissolution of NATO and all military formations. No to armaments.
  • No to the EU rapid reaction force and the euro-army .
  • Open borders, asylum and housing for the Ukrainian refugees and every refugee. Abolition of the anti-refugee European agreements and Frontex.